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Sunday, May 19, 2019


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Kris P

I'm sorry it's still dreary and wet in your area. We got some more rain too but it's a whole different thing here.

Linda from Each Little World

Given how many areas have drought conditions, it is a little insensitive to complain about the rain. We are getting about an inch per week which is typical for this time of year; though it seems to be coming in dribbles that are just enough to make it too wet to work in the garden and mess up outdoor plans as well. Going on a daylong bus trip to tour gardens/nurseries and it looks like it will be dry for that.

Lisa at Greenbow

We have had that drizzle to light rain so much lately that I am also sick of it. I hate to say that out loud because it will soon be hot and dry.The hot is already here. 90F and upper 80's the past few days. UGH

Linda from Each Little World

Ugh is right, when it gets that hot in May. I fade fast the high the temps go after about 78°.


It doesn't seem to want to stop here either. I know I will be wishing for it all summer, so I am trying not to complain, but it certainly would be nice if it could be spread out a bit more.

Loree / danger garden

My husband read a headline last night that said the U.S. has just had the wettest 12 months on record. So at least you've got lots of company.

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