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Monday, May 20, 2019


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Barbara H.

They are both lovely. That's a beautifully held line in the bottom one.

Linda from Each Little World

I turned it this way and that trying to find the perfect view. Tulips, as you may know, keep growing so I am going to have to recut one of them to keep the look!


I was admiring the glowing colours of the first vase and then you present us with the second, a stylish ikebana one. Both lovely Linda and isn't it great you have blooms to share with us again!


These bright and beautiful colors would surely add a bit of brightness to the endless gray days you've been having. Nicely done arrangements!

Lisa at Greenbow

It is so good to see these lovelies. Perfect for the Ikebana vase.


The Epimdium is a great complement to the tulips, echoing the orange but in an airy, fine-textured form. Is that E.x warleyense 'Orange Queen'?

Kris P

The tulips are delicious, Linda. If Mother Nature had to give you so much snow and rain this year, at least she also delivered a good long period in which to enjoy your tulips.

Amelia Grant

So pretty! I like the Epimedium with the tulips, hope spring lasts a long time.


The epimedium is stunning. What is it?

Eliza Waters

The graceful Epimedium makes a nice foil for the Tulips in the first vase and I admire vase #2 equally well. So nice that things are finally starting to bloom in your northern garden, Linda. It's been a long wait!


Two arrangements to create a little gasp at first sight, then graceful and perfect to maintain attention. They are elegant and your epimedium 'La Rocaille' flower and foliage are perfect companions to the tulips.


What lovely arrangements Linda. The Epimediums and tulips with the fresh foliage are especially beautiful. :)


'La Rocaille' has white flowers; don't think it's what's in the vase.

Linda from Each Little World

Thanks for your comments. It is definitely nice to be able to go out in the garden and have a choice of what to put in a vase. What a long winter it was

Linda from Each Little World

It may be 'Orange Queen'. Sometimes my garden notes are not as good as I hoped!

Linda from Each Little World

This is always confusing because I have a 'La Rocaille' that is at least 20 years old from a nursery near Harold Epstein's garden and that is how they labeled it. Both the nursery and Harold are long gone, so who knows what it really is.

Linda from Each Little World

We've had so much cool weather that the tulips have been blooming for ages; usually a rarity.

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