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Monday, May 27, 2019


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Lisa at Greenbow

Wow you have great variety in all your vases. You are making up for all of those dreary winter Mondays. I have enjoyed seeing them immensely.

Linda from Each Little World

Thanks. I had so many great flowers suddenly that could not resist. And with more rain forecast this week, they will take a beating and be gone by next Monday.

Loree / danger garden

That's a lovely collection of vases, each one a bit of perfection.

Kris P

Wow, Linda, your garden is really making up for lost time! I love the Irises and the large Muscari was a surprise. All the flowers are beautiful and elegantly displayed but of course the peony holds a special place in my heart.


What a wonderful range of vases you have shared today, Linda, and a a bountiful spring harvest you have. I really must try some trilliums as they look so pretty and I am sure I could find a suitable spot. Good to see that yellow vase from Chive - I have been so tempted to buy one but there was just too much colour choice and I couldn't decide! The bronzy contents of yours works really well, but then so do all of your vases, and I like the little touches of whimsy. ps What an amazing being your Big Guy is!



Cindy Coghill

Lovely collection of vases. How cheerful your home must be with so many around in each room. You've been busy and they are delightful.


Excellent morale boost if the rain keeps you inside! Kris in California was mentioning that it's an El Nino year, which made me wonder if this summer will repeat the pattern of the first few years after I moved back here: a "ridge" kept rain from moving out of the midwest, leading to terrible floods there and a tough drought here. Hope not.

Rae Kaiser

Such beauty, all!

Linda from Each Little World

We have been having lots of rain here, though no bad flooding so far. Garden is loving it and so are the weeds.

Linda from Each Little World

A number of Trilliums are native here, so I have had good luck with them. They look so exotic that I thought they would be hard to grow.


An embarrassment of riches from your garden. May is such a wonderful month!

Barbara H.

Gosh, Linda, you have outdone yourself! The flowers and the vases complement each other so well and each is so different from the other. I'm glad spring finally arrived for you. Wish we could have some of your rain!

Linda from Each Little World

Rain still in the forecast for the next couple of days. After a lovely sunny and warm weekend, we are back to cooler weather, gray skies and rain. I am sitting here in turtleneck shirt and a sweater. I should not really complain about the rain as we are not having deluges, tornados or anything like that.

Cathy Thompson

Each one perfect - although I think that Molly the Witch child and your vase with the muscari and T. sylvestris will stay with me (in mind's eye') after tonight.

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