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Wednesday, May 01, 2019


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Barbara H.

What a lovely tribut to a good friend - those memories seem to surface more as I myself become more contemplative every year. Monte and her family were very talented - what a joy it must have been for them all to contribute to that happy day.

Kris P

It must have been a beautiful occasion to have been embedded so well in your memory. Although I was an attendant in 2 weddings, both of which ended in divorce within one year (!), I remember little about them except for the bridesmaid dresses (enough said about those). Another friend asked me to be in her wedding some years later and I begged off, saying I felt I might be some kind of jinx given how the earlier events went. That also may be why, when my husband and I decided to wed after a decade together, we opted for a 15-minute ceremony performed by a local traffic court judge on his lunch break.


Oh, that is so special. What a sweet remembrance. You are both lovely. I can see that the wedding dress was expertly and lovingly created. Sometimes the memories of particular days in our lives are so special and become crystalline in our memories--almost as if they just happened yesterday. My niece's wedding from a few years ago was one of those days.

Lisa at Greenbow

What wonderful memories. Both of your look good. The bride's dress is gorgeous.

Lisa at Greenbow

Kris, you are so funny. I imagine it didn't feel so funny when those couples got a divorce though.

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