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Thursday, May 09, 2019


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Kris P

Peonies ***SIGH***

Lisa at Greenbow

I know you are having too much fun... Carry on...


Oh wow, your Peonies are really far along! I need to get out there and check mine. I hope we have a few dry days here. So many plants are pregnant with buds and just waiting for some sun to bloom!


Hope you're having lots of fun with your sister!


Have a great 'break'! Those peonies might even look more elegant closed.

Linda from Each Little World

Those species/woodland Peonies are the best. The one in the photos is P. japonica and is beautiful at every stage including once it's gone to seed. Plus they don't have any of the leaf fungal problems that regular Peonies often do.

Linda from Each Little World

These are species Peonies which bloom at least a month before P. lactiflora or P. suffructosa.

Loree / danger garden

That is over the top gorgeous!!!

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