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Tuesday, May 14, 2019


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Lisa at Greenbow

I love the dark leaves on the P. obvata. All of your peonies are so pretty. I actually have a peony blooming. It is a long the end I have a blooming peony.

Barbara H.

I think its nice of your peonies to space themselves out a little. Warmer weather is nice too though.


Hollingsworth Peonies assigns each variety they offer to a week (or range of weeks) in a 6/7-week bloom season. 'Nosegay' is week 2, like my 'Claire de Lune', so it's well ahead of the main peony season (weeks 4-6). Most tree peonies are in weeks 1-3, as are many species.

It's peony week 4 here, and the first wave of lactifloras are putting on a great show: Tokio, Carolina Moon, Hot Chocolate, Krinkled White, White Cap. A brief chilly spell has set in, so the next batch won't start up until later in the week. Then it'll be floral overload for a while...


Is the foliage on your P. obovata greener in warmer springs? That's just gorgeous, and sets off the white buds/blooms dramatically.

Kris P

I'm so envious. I gave my 2 plants a good talking to but they're ignoring me (again).

Loree / danger garden

So many luscious flowers! (and some nice foliage too)

Linda from Each Little World

Though I do have a couple of traditional Peonies, I really like these woodland varieties. Better for my light conditions and the foliage never has any fungal issues

Linda from Each Little World

Assigning weeks is a great way to know what to expect. I am going to remember this. I only know 'Krinkled White' but I love the names of your other Peonies.

Linda from Each Little World

As that peony ages, the foliage tends to lose that lovely bronzy leaf color.

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