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Tuesday, May 21, 2019


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Quick, grab that glucose meter.

Spring is a time for a carnival of colors to celebrate the end of winter so go ahead and enjoy more of that candy. (brought to you by the American Dental Association)


Know the feeling! Today is Peak Pink Peony, more confectionary than I'd have chosen, but still a delight: Seashell, Hermione, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Lady Alexandra Duff, plus a self-sown one of remarkable vigor and quality: huge, fully double deep pink blooms.

Thank goodness for the relief of greeny-white foxgloves and dark purple columbines...

Linda from Each Little World

Your garden sounds lovely from your description. I would have more traditional Peonies if I had more sun. They are so impressive. I just bought an intense pink flowered Deutzia which I am thinking of putting near a pale pink Peony and an orange Barberry. We'll see how it goes.

Lisa at Greenbow

Sugah sugah...


On the sweetness front my new little cluster of Martagon lilies (inspired by your example) is opening a few buds and somehow I have 3 colors instead of the more dignified one I had thought I ordered - pink, peach and dark shiny red. The whole thing looks like a fairy tale and I love it - too bad all the spring blue things have gone by or it could be really pastel!

Pink Deutzia sounds intriguing; all I've ever seen is the traditional white one.



Hm. You know what those sky-blue 'Valerie Finnis' really go well with is gold-orange... But prolly not if there's also going to be pink nearby. Often I wish I had Christopher Lloyd's let-'er-rip attitude about color; sure would make planting decisions simpler.

Kris P

It IS so easy to forget about bulbs. Those color clashes happen to all of us.


I mean I've seen worse combinations! LOL. This pairing wakes you up, and sometimes that's a good thing?

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