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Friday, May 31, 2019


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Stephanie O'Neal

With the beer cans flying, you could still call it "Wild Thyme" (LOL). Beautiful pics, as always.


Lovely! I need to look for that would come in handy in my shady perennial bed. And how I wish we could get primrose to work here. Yours is beautiful! Jim is especially fond of them, and they worked in PA. Oh well...such is the gardening life.

Barbara H.

There's always so much to love in your garden but spring is such a welcome relief from winter's stark beauty and / or messy look. I did not know about the running tiarella. Mine is only visible in early spring before the rampant hardy begonia takes over hiding much from view.


Still chuckling over the Wild Time bed. Clematis alpina 'Stolwijk Gold' is gorgeous!

rusty duck

Everything seems to happen so quickly in your climate. One minute there is snow and then, wham, there is a garden that has exploded into life. It all looks so fresh and utterly gorgeous!

Lisa at Greenbow

The gold clematis is brilliant. Your garden is rockin' now. I love that tiarella the way it is creeping along the log. I would like to find a spot in my garden where it would flourish. May has been good to us.


That's true to some extent, but perceptions this year may be skewed by the late snow that arrived when some of Linda's peonies were already blooming!

Kris P

The blush on that peony is beautiful. Your whole garden looks absolutely wonderful, Linda. As to the garbage-throwing passers-by, how rude!

Linda from Each Little World

Nell is right. From the end of winter to the first new growth always seems slow. But once spring takes off — especially with enough rain and cooler temps — it really moves. Seems like things are opening hourly.

Linda from Each Little World

The rain has been a big problem for farmers but great for the garden.

Linda from Each Little World

I am on my third attempt to grow a hardy Begonia. It made it through the winter of 2017/18 but I have not seen it yet. Nothing impressive about it yet. The Tiarella has it beat by a long shot!

Linda from Each Little World

My street has houses set back from the road and looks very country-like with its big trees. But it is the street that links two major roads and gets a lot of traffic. I don't think drivers think about it being residential. They're hurrying to the other road and just randomly toss things out. Maybe my front garden really just looks like an uninhabited woods to them!

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