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Tuesday, May 28, 2019


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A pure white rockii seedling without any of the purple splotches is my kind of peony! Very special, and you've given it a great garden name. Wow, it's been ten years already since Seneca Hills last sent out plants; its whole existence was during the period I turned away from gardening, but it seems to have had a lasting and widespread impact.

Lisa at Greenbow

That is one gorgeous peony. Worth waiting for.

Linda from Each Little World

I try not to get depressed when I think of all the great plants that I lost because I was too new and inexperienced a gardener. Now those nurseries are long-gone and I've rarely found replacements for those unusual plants.

Kris P

Enchanting! I think I'm running out of superlatives to describe peonies...


Know the feeling all too well! But in the end, one key difference between a plant collection sustained by horticulture (however avid and skilled) and a garden is that the latter is made of plants that adapted to your particular situation, thriving together in beautiful combination.

Linda from Each Little World

They do make one go over the top with praise!

Barbara H.

Love the peony, though I don't know if there's ever been one I didn't like, and love the name even more.

Linda from Each Little World

Have to agree that it is a rare Peony that I don't love. I have a friend who got a big plot on her brother's farm just to grow Peonies. She also has a large mostly flower garden in town.

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