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Monday, May 06, 2019


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So much beauty. This makes me feel sad for the non gardeners in the world who never see or appreciate this kind of joy.


That is a great advantage to weeding, you do get up close and personal with your plants. All lovely, but I'm partial to Kikko.

Kris P

Some times you do need to get down onto your knees to really appreciate what you've got. I love the Geranium's foliage.

Linda from Each Little World

You are so right about all the kinds of pleasure we get from gardening. Can't imagine my life without a garden.

Linda from Each Little World

Important to know that Kikko holds that lovely patterning for a very short time.

Linda from Each Little World

That Geranium does reseed but it's worth it for the leaves.


Garden blessings, indeed. Thanks for sharing them!

Lisa at Greenbow

I love these photos. You look at the garden like I do. I love all the small things. The things that non gardeners miss or don't appreciate.

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