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Thursday, May 02, 2019


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Glad that all that work paid off!

Kris P

Mother Nature is certainly trying to keep us on our toes - or maybe it's intended to be a kick in the pants? In any case, I think you're right about basing your activity on your current read of the weather rather than past experience. I'm glad your garden came through the last snowstorms in good shape.

Lisa at Greenbow

We do what we think we should do. Mother Nature can't help herself. She is battling all the vagaries of human assaults as well as what ever would normally happen. You are and will continue to appreciate all this extra work. Well done.

Loree / danger garden

Ah yes, I always forget the clean up too. Usually things are draped all over inside the garage drying. Every single cold snap we have ends with warming and rain. Always a mess.


All the work was worth it. We had a late freeze last Monday (no snow fortunately) and the damage is sad to see. I know you have seen Japanese maples with the new foliage all burnt but my biggest disappointments are the damaged hosta foliage and melted wisteria flowers.
The difference from year to year on your peonies and hellebore is astounding!


You are so right: We've entered the territory of the weather being a crapshoot. The only thing that saved us over here in that last cold/snow blast is the fact that it never got warm here so there is very little that was up or leafed out.

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