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Wednesday, May 15, 2019


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Kris P

A blooming fern = nirvana!


Fantastic plant, fantastic photo!

I wonder if the Pteridophyllum's resemblance to a fern was an evolutionary advantage, preventing its being eaten.

Far Reaches Farm has just recently become a botanical conservancy. Their nursery offerings are full of temptations even for someone as hardened against plant lust as me. I'd definitely advise anyone who sees something there they can't live without to get it while it's in stock; you likely won't find it elsewhere, and probably not the next ordering cycle, either.

rusty duck


Linda Brazill

You’re right. They have have great plants but they disappear quickly.

Lisa at Greenbow

This is amazing. I hope the bees find it and it doubles for you next year. She is a beauty.


It's a great plant & I'm so happy you have one. Perfect location too!

Linda from Each Little World

Even thought they were pricey, I bought three of them. One died, one survived and the one in the photo thrived. The survivor is going to get moved to join the one doing so well. Clearly that is the best location.

Linda from Each Little World

I'm thrilled it made it through the winter so I think it should be able to settle in and grow.

Barbara H.

Love it!


Last friday I bought one of these. It was expensive and probably won't survive my dry sandy soil. But I couldn't resist it.

Linda from Each Little World

I bought three of them and you are right that they are pricey. But what a lovely little treasure. Two survived and I am keeping a marker where the third one was planted in hopes it is taking a year off!

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