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Thursday, June 27, 2019


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Barbara H.

That's a nice haul - literally! What a great idea to post the pots that they will take - saves a lot of time and energy for everyone. My local Lowe's takes nursery pots and the trays. There's also a wonderful recycling center in a nearby town that takes them, which makes it easy when I have a load of other things to take. I love Lady's Mantle but didn't have much luck with it in Portland. I don't see it for sale around here but now I'll have to keep my eyes open.


A visit to the Flower Factory is one of my fondest memories of a trip to eastern Iowa in the late 1990s. The drive up through increasingly hilly terrain (yay! Flatness gets to me after a while) was half the fun, but the nursery knocked me out with their organization, huge range of offerings, and beautiful display gardens. Very high on my wishlist right now is Monarda 'Purple Rooster', which I understand originated there.

Kris P

Great haul! I wish my local garden centers would identify pots they're willing to take. I can't grow lady's mantle (I've tried) but I found that Euphorbia 'Dean's Hybrid' creates a similar impact for me. Now, if I could just find a peony look-alike...

danger garden

Nice haul, but I must say this whole “sticking to the list” idea is one I just can’t get behind... 😉

Lisa at Greenbow

I love Lady's Mantle but it doesn't love my garden. You got some nice plants. This sounds like a place I would love to visit. List? what is that??

Linda Brazill

I went pretty wild on-line and locally early in the season with plant buying. This time I was trying to just fill in specific spots and also test some plants. I usually fall prey to temptation at this nursery. I realized I did not take pix of their displays because it kept me from reaching for things not on the list.

Linda Brazill

I am guessing it may be a stop on the 2020 Fling in Madison next year.

Linda Brazill

Your CA white poppy has flowers like a number of the single-flowered and species Peonies. Plus there are Peony-flowered Tulips, double-flowered actually. Of course, you would be stuck doing that whole chilled bulb thing with them . . .

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