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Friday, June 21, 2019


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Fingers crossed that it pulls through! I'm glad you removed the other one before this one if Mark is happy with its placement!


Rooting for your survivor! But I'm enough of a flower floozy that what caught my eye in the shot of downed limbs was the intense pink-red bloom at the right. Is that a peony?

Kris P

They're such lovely trees. I hope you can save the second one. Due to our intense summer scorchers, they don't do particularly well here either but I've found protected spots for 3 of them. Two are doing well but the jury's still out on the prospects for the newest one.

Linda Brazill

Yes, that is a Peony. It is 'Burnished Bronze'.

Linda Brazill

I'm impressed as I am sure they don't like the heat any more than they like it too cold.

Lisa at Greenbow

I always hate to lose a tree even if it was mistakenly planted. I will be interested to see the rocks that are uncovered. Good luck with the one that is trying to hang on.


The survivors fascinate me. I had quite a few plants that I thought for sure were goners after this past winter, but they just took a long time to come back. I'll look forward to more coverage on your survivor Japanese Maples.


Hope the second one pulls through. So sad to loose old plant friends but that's the way of the garden.

Linda Brazill

Definitely the way of the garden as weather becomes more unpredictable.


What a terrible winter we had. I hope the struggler bounces back (and I hope for the same in my garden). I truly hope we don't have another horrible winter. I suppose that's optimistic of me to even bother wishing for that, but gardeners are all optimists.

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