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Monday, June 24, 2019


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Barbara H.

Brilliant! I love them. You have a great set up for these small bouquets and have clearly thought out your plans for small gifts of flowers.


Guests at high tea must have been thrilled with your sweet bouquets.

Kris P

They're pretty posies and I like the extra touch with the hankies. Nicely done, Linda! I'm currently vexed by the question of where I'm going to put together vases for the next several months without a proper kitchen but, if you can manage in a basement, I should be able to make things work in my laundry room or our tiny temporary kitchen.

Linda Brazill

My kitchen is fine for putting a vase together but bad light and no good spots for photos. I am always looking for the perfect spot.


I love little posies, Linda, as they are so quick to put together and look just as pretty as bigger ones - thanks for sharing yours


These are charming, and incorporate textiles to boot! Guessing that it'll be a while before they let you off that development committee...

Great setup to encourage frequent offerings!
Transport certainly is the weak link in the chain for arrangements. My m.o. involves dish tubs and "dog towels" (old bath towels with tears, stains, or threadbare patches). Still a dicey proposition given our hilly, curvy landscape.


They're lovely. The hankie idea is so clever.


Artfully done, Linda. I'm looking forward to seeing your garden very soon. ;-)


Delightful collection of vases

Linda Brazill

I've done dish pans and towels as well. But you are right: it is the road that can be the biggest problem bringing food or flowers to an event.

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