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Thursday, July 25, 2019


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I'm glad it's cooled down so that you can spend time outside...and inside the tea house!

Kris P

Your tea house is delightful, Linda, and I think it's wonderful that Mark adds an element of ceremony in arranging your tea tray.


"Why wouldn't you line things up if you could?"

I love that :) The interior and the views from the tea house are absolutely lovely.

Barbara H.

That's a delicious spot for a break from weeding!


How fun! Your tea house is really special. :)

Lisa at Greenbow

How nice that the weather has cooperated with your need to get out and prep for a tour. I can't imagine a more fine tea house than yours. It is delightful. Lining up the cookies and coffee makes them even more special. I am glad you got to sit back and enjoy those views.

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