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Friday, July 05, 2019


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Lisa at Greenbow

I love those cones! How interesting that they stack up so nice.

Kris P

They are wonderful. I was surprised to learn that they will grow here (at least according to Sunset). I've never ever seen them for sale in local garden centers, however. I make do with Leucadendrons, although there are none with purple cones.


They're handsome in a group, but for some reason the solo image reminds me of a Dr. Who villain...


Very beautiful, Linda. I had no idea. :)


Not that I have any place for a tree, of course. But just for the experience I need to see some of these in person - the photos are stunning.


Linda Brazill

My husband thought it looked like a caterpillar.

Linda Brazill

The Korean fir can get quite large but ours is in a fair amount of shade and has grown slowly. But obviously enough sun for the cones. They are the real reason to grow this tree I think.


My Korean fir was hit with powdery mildew last year (Madison, WI). Despite all the rain we’ve had it’s not as bad this year, but still present. Any suggestions for keeping it at bay or even getting rid of it.

Linda Brazill

Wow! That has not happened to me. I was weeding by that tree yesterday and did not notice anything.

Since it has never happened I really don't have any suggestions to help you out. Sorry.


Such wonderful cones. Abies koreana makes cones even when very small (one gallon pot) and is always a joy.

danger garden

I am not a conifer fan but I do love those cones!

Barbara H.

Yes, I too see the caterpillar who seems to be looking for the next meal.

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