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Friday, July 19, 2019


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All that foam looks like snow!

Your lilies in the previous post are certainly lovely; a friend of mine loved Little Grapette but I never appreciated the color - maybe the stronger sun down here bleached it out?



I've been seeing pictures on Facebook from friends. Scary! I hope people get their power back soon.

Kris P

Yikes! I hope you didn't lose power, Linda.

Linda Brazill

You probably know that lots of power was restored fairly early and I think all of it by early evening. If you saw the photos or the video, it was definitely scary. It is so hot that is lucky that everyone appears to be OK. Heat is supposed to break tomorrow with a few days in the 70s and lower 80s. Can't wait.

Linda Brazill

We were lucky that we live far enough from downtown that we didn't have any problems. Supposedly a mechanical problem but we'll see if the heat had anything to do with it as they look at what happened more fully.

Linda Brazill

Yes, the photos were disconcerting with all that white on the ground. You are right that the deeper daylily colors tend to need a bit of shade to shine. Seems like only the pale ones and orange/peach look good in every light.

Lisa at Greenbow

If there is any weakness in the system the demands of the heat will certainly make those weaknesses apparent. Good to know you weren't directly effected. I haven't stuck my nose out the door since 8:30 this morning. I too am looking forward to some cooler weather.

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