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Monday, July 01, 2019


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Lisa at Greenbow

Oh girl, your area is hard hit. How stressful this is. We had 10 days of no rain after a wet start to June. Then the last day, yesterday, we got 7/10" in about a half hour. I think most soaked in. Everything was freshened. I am sure the farmers here didn't appreciate it though. They are way behind. Most are wondering if they should cut their losses and try to collect insurance or try to get something into the fields. Such a disastrous spring and early summer for them. There is still standing water in lots of fields and the Wabash River which runs the length of our county is still out.
Try to stay dry...

Linda Brazill

I always worry about trees falling when the ground gets soaked. So a little water in the basement (but only a little) is OK. But I pity the famers, and this is our food supply so it is of concern on that level. Heard there is flooding up north with massive rain this morning.

Kris P

Wow! I've experienced rain that relentless only once in my life that I recall, and never ever in summer. Even this past winter's rain, which spilled into spring, wasn't that persistent. It's great that you're prepared for the pond's overflow. I hope you get a break soon.

Linda Brazill

So far it hasn't rained today. Mark spent much of the day moving fans and the dehumidifier around the basement to help it dry out. Now he's thinking of some kind of raised unit to hold art work. That is the main thing in our basement. Tons of artwork; a lifetime accumulation of the work of two artists always making and buying art.

danger garden

Yikes, that’s getting a little extreme! Are forecasts pretty much right on in your part of the world? Asking because I’d love to think they might be wrong about what the week holds. Oh, and we had a quick tornado touch down here in NE Portland tonight. That was kinda shocking.

Linda Brazill

The weather forecasts have been pretty much on the money. Luckily the storms yesterday went just above us and looks like we might miss it again today. The ground is saturated and it is so humid the gravel paths in the garden look like they were rained on.

We've had a few tornadoes touch down very close to our neighborhood which is very scary. Everyone used to think that because the Madison is located between two lakes that meant we would not get hit by a tornado. Alas, not true. Though not all that common either. But the weather is never going to go back to the normal conditions we used to know.

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