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Monday, July 15, 2019


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Well, I hope I don't comment twice...I started one, zoomed in on the water lily shot, and it was gone when I came back. I love Forever Susan, but the water lily photo is gorgeous. I love the moody dark water and all of the lily pads! It is ridiculously hot here. Jim and I worked outside for maybe half an hour yesterday and that was it. I won't be doing much beyond watering pots and new plantings for the next week or so.

Linda Brazill

Mark took these photos and he has a lens he often uses for water shots. I am schlepping hoses around and turning on a sprayer in each spot for a half an hour. It will take a few days to do the whole garden. Too hot to work.

Kris P

I love your 'Giraffe'! I'll have to look for it. I admire the Astilbe too, yet another of the plants that does not wish to grow in my dry, hot climate. I hope you get a cool-down soon. We're having a remarkably pleasant summer thus far (by our standards) but I can't help waiting anxiously for the other shoe to drop.

Lisa at Greenbow

Yipeee for the water lily. It looks perfectly happy. My daylilies are almost finished.I think all the rain we received helped the daylilies in my garden. I promise this isn't a whine just fact, I can't keep astilbes alive. I have killed every one you have romping through your garden. We are above my working temperature here too. Hoping for a break and some rain as soon as possible. The radar says it is raining here as I type but the patio is dry.

Linda Brazill

Don't you love how those apps say one thing but it's not the same as what's happening outside your window!


That Mighty Chocolate Cherry is stunning. I do have one dark red daylily, but that bit of gold is wonderful.


The trouble with these garden share days is too many photos of things I want for my own garden! I love those "giraffe!" And, I don't usually like Asiatic lilies, but Forever Susan might change my mind.

Linda Brazill

I saw 'Forever Susan' lily at someone else's garden a few years ago and fell for it. I have a solid very dark red one growing across the path from it. The idea is they would bloom together, but not this year.

Lea @ Lea's Menagerie

Day Lilies and waterlilies - Wonderful!
Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!


I am so jealous of your astilbe. They sell it here, but it doesn't perform well. Thanks for sharing!


Lots of beautiful summer color there, Linda. Good luck staying cool during the next few very hot days!

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