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Tuesday, July 30, 2019


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Lisa at Greenbow

Goodness, this post has made me hungry. I must go have breakfast. I will be cooking this morning instead of cereal.

Barbara H.

I don't cook much so I won't be making them but they all sound delicious. You've reminded me that I want to start thinning out my cookbooks too, after copying out any recipes that catch my eye.


I've fallen away from cooking since spring, but the great produce is starting to appear at the farmers' market, and I bought the e-version of Perelman's cookbook when it was onsale, so... Thanks for the inspiration!
We started very late this year, so BLTs with homegrown tomatoes are still a month away.

Kris P

I don't cook but the potato dish looks yummy.

Linda Brazill

We tend to stick with a few easy favorites and I decided I needed to push myself to try some new things. I love BLT's and they are heavenly with fresh tomatoes. May have to do that since we have the tomatoes!


We have both of Deb's books and enjoy them. Whenever I tell Jim that a recipe he liked was from Smitten Kitchen, he says, "Of course it was." We are camping in the Tetons and just successfully made her frittata in Jim's Dutch oven. I will need to give the recipes you've recommended a try.

Linda Brazill

Can't believe you just made a frittata on a camping trip. I love them but have never made one and thought I'd try her recipe.

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