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Monday, July 08, 2019


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Lisa at Greenbow

Oh yeah, this has been an exceptional spring/summer so far. I have loved all this rain finding few drawbacks to not having to drag the hose around to water. Just goes to show me that my garden needs more rain than we usually get. The last three years have been partially drought stricken here. I can reallly tell the difference. I have a lot of plants flopping. Like Annabelle. I have often read about people complaining about this. I have had this plant for years and I think this is the first major flop. I have liatris lying on the ground looking like big snakes. ha... I will take it.

Linda Brazill

I don't really mind the rain except for the weeds which are just galloping. They grow back almost before one's eyes. Mark is building a framework to hold all the artwork higher off the of the floor so we won't have to panic as much when it does rain.


I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who is annoyed by debris getting trapped in hosta leaves, yet not always removing them before they 'stick'.
Rain here today, a little unexpected and the third round in as many days, but the garden was on the verge of drying out in the heat so it's good to see. Plants are lush this year as well and it's only the beginning of July!


That glowing Carex just couldn't be any happier, it's clear. The "decorated" hosta image made me realize that there is one upside to the deer's record depredations here this year: no grooming needed.

You all must be a little frantic heading into the tour, but nothing boosts the beauty of the woodland floor like abundant rain. Fingers crossed for a few dry days to get everything done! The garden will knock 'em out, no matter what.


Seems that there are both benefits and drawbacks to wet weather. We're fairly dry here so watering is a frequent chore, especially all those silly pots that someone keeps dragging home.

Kris P

It's sad that even rain, which I tend to think of as a minor miracle, also has its downsides. That's true even here. Last year, I was rather smug about the fact that my garden had so few weeds - this year, thanks to heavier and more persistent rain, the weeds are everywhere!

Linda Brazill

We are all moaning and groaning at the weeds. They are huge and reappear almost as soon as you get an area clear.

Barbara H.

Even with very dry hot days, the weeds miraculously re-appear, especially the wild violets, such a pain. What about using a leaf blower to clean off the hosta?

Linda Brazill

I think a leaf blower would be too strong. Plus the things that fall into those Hosta leaves tend to stick so you really need to do it by hand most of time.

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