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Tuesday, August 20, 2019


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Barbara H.

Your garden always amazes me. I'm enjoying the tour!

Linda Brazill

Thank you for your comment. We figured the garden was looking the best it had all summer for the tour and it seemed a shame to not to take pictures.

Lisa at Greenbow

I am so glad you decided on pictures. Mother Nature sure helped you two get it together this year. I don't remember seeing the sign before. Interesting. I wonder what it says? The addition of the stand up door is great for people with old joints. It doesn't take away anything from the Tea House. Spectacular!

Kris P

Your tea house and its surroundings are perfection, Linda! I could feel my blood pressure (associated with another turbulent day of construction activity about to begin) coming down as I read your post and viewed the lovely photos.

Linda Brazill

Someone more or less translated it one time a number of years ago. I believe it is a shop sign so I don't think it is anything special or romantic.

danger garden

I love the fact green and brown are the predominant colors.

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