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Thursday, August 22, 2019


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Kris P

Your photos are a reminder of why I love woodland gardens so much. Your Buddha fits in perfectly (unlike mine, currently hiding out from construction work in my cutting garden). I expect your bridge over the dry stream came in handy during the torrential rains you had earlier too.

Barbara H.

Sigh...I felt so cool as I journeyed through your garden via pictures - all that lovely green and shade with color accents added too.


Expressive, impressive, peaceful garden. Beautiful. Visitors are in for a treat.


What a cooling, restful garden. The lawn square shines out as the stroke of genius it is. Those lilies are I'm sure brilliant in any situation, but to the eye saturated by shades of green, they positively blaze.

Lisa at Greenbow

Mark has captured the essence of your garden perfectly. Everything looks so healthy and the self seeding ferns supports that statement. The calm green envelops you with love. Awwww...

Linda Brazill

The "dry stream" is the path that rainwater takes as it flows across the garden including a specially-designed overflow spot for the pond. The water can really flow through there fast with the kind of massive rain storms we are experiencing these days.

Linda Brazill

By this time in summer I mostly want green, so all the bright colors are hidden from sight. You have to walk to that garden to see them.

Linda Brazill

Awww is right!

Loree / danger garden

So many details to see! The orange lilies were almost shocking with all that restful green on green.

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