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Wednesday, August 21, 2019


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Lisa at Greenbow

Love those foliage combos. I can almost hear the burbling from here.

Barbara H.

What a paradise! I would love to have that water feature but I know the installation and maintenance can be pretty intense. I'll just sit outside, close my eyes and listen to your water.


There's nothing as wonderful (and as attractive to birds) as the sound of burbling, rushing water. Magical.

What is the successful ground cover?

Kris P

Even though I haven't got a chance in heck of growing 90+% of what you do, I hope I can get to the Madison Fling if only just to see your garden.

Linda Brazill

It would be lovely to meet you in person. I love your garden as it looks on your blog and again, I can't grow a fraction of what you have.

Linda Brazill

The installation of a pond like ours is a pretty big undertaking but we don't do anything much day to day. Each fall we should clean out all the leaves and muck but it usually is every few years that we do that it seems any more. We used to have areas where we could throw the pond muck but that is one of the problems nows; very little unplanted space.

Linda Brazill

The garden is just full of birds at the moment. The ground covers are creeping moneywort which is a Lysmachia; also a dwarf Veronica and the lime green fuzzy one is Scotch or Irish "moss."


Your garden is magical in every season, Linda. Your ground cover combinations are lovely.

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