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Monday, August 19, 2019


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It is so beautiful! I envy the visitors.

Jane M


Kris P

You and Mark could write a book on layering foliage, Linda. I'm impressed by the excellent job Mark did with the gravel too, as well as his limestone structure. I'm sure your visitors were thrilled with their tour.

Barbara H.

It all looks very pristine to me - you outdid yourselves. Love Mark's gravel pattern too.



Lisa at Greenbow

I agree with Barbara, you two out did yourselves. Don't you look cute sitting there in front of the house awaiting tourists. The circle garden with the rain drops is impressive. It wouldn't look anything like this with me on the end of that rake. Can't wait to see more.


Wonderful! I'm already looking forward to the next installment :)


As usual, I am sighing with happiness as I stroll through your garden

danger garden

Stunnng! Lucky us getting to preview the tour. More please....

Linda Brazill

You are one of the few blog readers who can truly imagine this having actually strolled through the garden!

Linda Brazill

If you come to the 2020 fling in Madison you can visit in person!

Linda Brazill

Thanks for those kind words, especially as you have a lovely garden yourself.

Linda Brazill

As you know, all the rain we've had this year has made keeping up with the weeds a serious job. Plants look good but I am exhausted from the weeds!

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