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Thursday, August 08, 2019


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Lisa at Greenbow

I know the people will be enchanted with your garden Linda. Don't work too hard so you can enjoy your tourists.


Remember to take photos and share. Something I always forget to do. Hope the day is a beautiful one and most of all that you have fun.

Barbara H.

Try to enjoy the prep as much as the visit - hard to do, I know. Keep it real and don't overdo - you have a beautiful garden.

Kris P

Best wishes with the prep work, Linda! I know your garden is going to impress your visitors. I hope you'll share "after" photos with us when you surface following the tour.


Hope the prep and event go smoothly. Your garden is worth a trip to see! Best.

Linda Brazill

We are working a bit overtime. But we tend to use a tour like this as the impetus to finally do all those projects we've been talking about. So we laid new sod in one spot, refreshed all the pine needle paths, etc.

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