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Friday, August 23, 2019


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Barbara H.

Oh, the Fling is coming! Won't that be something? I know your garden will get rave reviews but it might be an anxious time for you before hand.

Lisa at Greenbow

I love you fan. I wondered what it was when I spied it in the first picture. Looked like a nice group of people. I know they appreciated your garden as the tour conductors saved the best for last. Long sleeves in August? It must have been a cool spell. Lucky tourists.


I can't imagine a BUS on your street! It sounds as if it all went well, and I'm sure everyone enjoyed your garden. It sounds like it would've been a great tour to be on.

Linda Brazill

They were in the area for 8 days and had a really full schedule. I think it would have been too much for me. And some of those folks were significantly older than me and Mark.

Lisa at Greenbow

8 days is a lot. I know birding 8 day tours are a killer. With gardens tho you would be sitting down a lot more. ha.. so she says.


What hardy people your visitors must be! They don't even look particularly exhausted. They were probably feeling a bit lonely for their own gardens, too; very clever and empathic to ask them about the garden at home.


rusty duck

I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts leading up to the tour. The garden looks fantastic and I wish I had been lucky enough to see it in person.

Kris P

With all your preparations behind you, it looks as though you had a good opportunity to really enjoy your visitors. Kudos on your successful tour!

danger garden

I caught sight of those runners in your last post and wondered what they were. I appreciated their graphic boldness. Also, I wish I had thought to ask tour guests about their garden, it seems so obvious when you mentioned it, but I get so caught up in the nonstop questions I never would have stepped out of the moment like that. Now I will!


Even more reason to try to get to the fling next year. Lucky visitors.

Linda Brazill

This may be the first time I ever managed to ask one of the visitors about their garden. I woman I spoke to showed me a photo of an area in the front of her house she's woking on as we were talking plants. Her husband is an architect and they live in a stunning old stone house.

Linda Brazill

Since the garden is still looking good we decided to hold an open house (really open garden) on Labor Day weekend.

Linda Brazill

It would be lovely to meet you in person instead of just comments!


I'm pretty sure an excellent tour could be made just from the gardens of your visitors.

Linda Brazill

I am sure you are right. The person in charge of this tour said she'd take us around if we decide to go out east to their area.


Hope you do sometime! Pennsylvania's stone houses are among the most beautiful buildings anywhere. The Arb itself is also worth seeing at any season. I kick myself for not spending more time with the trees there during college.

Linda Brazill

I lived in Rochester, NY for a few years and it is an area with many cobblestone houses. Had a friend who owned one so I got to see the inside of one as well as the outside.

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