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Monday, August 12, 2019


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I had no idea the Arrowhead bloomed. I love it!

Kris P

Oh, to have a water garden! I've never heard of either of these water plants but both are lovely. I hope your garden tour went smoothly despite the slippery stones.


Love the lichens and the mosses during moist weather! "Bouquets of upside-down turkeys feet"--that is awesome. Your water plants are really special, Linda.

Loree / danger garden

While we had an odd August rain late last week I can't comprehend getting 1.54" in that short of time period. Fantastic how things green up so fast.

Lisa at Greenbow

I have not seen this type of Arrowhead before. I love the blooms. They look like giant begonia blooms. I can see how those rocks can be slippery but oh aren't they pretty.

Linda Brazill

I couldn't wait to get lichens on all the rocks. Had no idea that would make them slippery.

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