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Friday, September 06, 2019


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rusty duck

One day I will make it across the country to Dixter, a must see garden. Hope you enjoyed the lecture.

Kris P

It looks like the event had lots to offer.


So great to see the Nedvecks! Hope it was just as much fun as it looks.


What wonderful use you all make of your local resources; its an inspiration. While the talk sounds fascinating, I always enjoy hearing about smaller more "real life" gardens; perhaps that is why the late great Henry Mitchell is my favorite garden writer of all time - his garden joy and work was very much centered on his small urban garden, although he had great fantasy gardens as well. Doesn't everyone do that?


Linda Brazill

I have to agree. While I follow Margaret Roach on her blog, her garden is way bigger than mine thus many things don't apply. Plus nobody had the wit and the ability to say something right on the border of rudeness while making it funny. I remember when he talked about old roses and said it would be worth moving to a different climate just to be able to grow them. 

Linda Brazill

Your reply made me look at a map of England to see where you live compared to Dixter. If I am correct, it appears that your two gardens are separated by the widest section of England.

rusty duck

That would be about right. When we've moved house it's always been west. Running out of England now. Cornwall and the Scilly Isles. Next stop Canada or the USA!

Lisa at Greenbow

Oh how I would have loved being there. No surprise that it was a sold out event. Did he have anything to say that inspired you?

Linda Brazill

I am planning on doing a couple of posts about things he said.

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