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Monday, September 16, 2019


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Oh, those silly podophyllums... Sometimes they throw up late growth with the return of rain and they're not afraid to go dormant early if it's a bit on the dry side. Nothing to worry about.

Kris P

Podophyllums are plants I'd never seen nor heard of until I stepped into the blogosphere. They're awfully cute but I've no experience on which to base a response to your question.

Lisa at Greenbow

I had never heard of them either until a few years ago. I have no experience with them but it seems to me when it is really wet then you go through a dry spell and then it rains again many plants respond with new growth. Good luck with these plants.

Linda Brazill

I have had good enough luck with the first one that I decided to go for broke and try some others. I think the deciding factor for the future will be snow cover in the winter. So far, so good. 

Linda Brazill

i've seen them in blogger's gardens in the PNW so I don't think they'd work for you. Just hoping they do OK here.

Linda Brazill

I knew one of you PNW gardeners would know the answer to my question. Thanks.

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