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Sunday, September 15, 2019


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Loree / danger garden

I love the Sedum and Hakoechloa combo!

Kris P

Flowers on Heuchera in summer! In contrast, my poor 'Marmalade' plants look as though they've been incinerated. (I'm hoping they'll recover when the rain returns.) I adore the toad lilies, another genus I tried and failed to grow here in SoCal.


Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

Arun Goyal

Interesting blooms...toad lilies are spectacular ..Happy bloggers Blooms day.


I am so jealous that you have tricyrtis! I had some and I loved their fall blooming. But last year they drowned when we had so many storms. Now I am reorganizing that area. I have hopes for the future.


Your garden looks so lush! Mine is dry as a crisp from no rain. Well, at least I got to enjoy yours!

Lisa at Greenbow

I used to have that last toad lily but it died. The ones I have now look similar to the replacement one. Not much blooming here. Haven't had measurable rain here in September with lots of 90 and upper 80s temps. Makes it tough on plants. Happy GBBD.

Linda Brazill

I really can't complain much about the rain as the garden certainly needs it at this time of year. Plus we've only had it come into the basement once since Mark built the art shelves. I just hate the fact that now I am always worried that we will have one of these storms that doesn't move and floods everyone. 

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