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Monday, September 09, 2019


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Barbara H.

That was a bargain purchase! Your vases are all lovely.

Lisa at Greenbow

What a fortune in Dahlias, beautiful too. I don't blame you for keeping the basket inside where you can admire it. It is my favorite.


Lovely! I enjoy my dahlias so much, and am hoping we don't have an early frost again this year. I have a running list of varieties to order when they are available, thanks to following the Impatient Gardener.

Linda Brazill

I love Erin/Impatient Gardener. We have met each other and visited each other's gardens; only once but lots of fun and nice to know the real person behind the blog.

Kris P

That's a LOT of dahlias for $6! So much for my idea of underwriting our home remodel by selling dahlia arrangements from my driveway;)

Linda Brazill

I am guessing they sell for more at the big fancy Farmers Market downtown on the Capitol Square. She was definitely charging Midwestern prices; so I think you could get a much higher CA price!

Loree / danger garden

I love dahlias in a vase, but I'm always disappointed when they fade so quickly. How long do yours last?

Linda Brazill

Mine failed pretty quickly. I went to a cut flower workshop last weekend where they said that Dahlias are a "dirty flower," meaning they secrete a sap that causes problems when they're cut and put into a vase. She said you need to recut the stems and change the water daily for Dahlias; things I definitely did not do. Also you have to cut Dahlias for bouquets when the flower is open unlike many other flowers. 


I'm always happy to share the obsession, Kristin!


Yours are lovely but what I like most is how you arrange them, especially the last arrangement. I find that dahlias arrangements have a way of getting formal on me, and I much prefer a more natural look. You always inspire me, Linda!

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