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Monday, September 23, 2019


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Barbara H.

I love toad lilies. I have a few in my courtyard but should get more and try them in other areas. Wish you could share the rain - things are frying here with heat still in the 90s and no rain in sight. Too much or too little - a sign of the times, I guess.


Oh those toad lilies are delightful, Linda, and what a pretty little arrangeent they make. Was the rain still welcome - did you ahve a dry summer?

Linda Brazill

I think you are right about too much or too little rain being a sign of the times.
I was looking at the toad lilies on Digging Dog Nursery's site; some real beauties. 

Linda Brazill

We did not have a particularly dry summer. Rain is always welcome before winter but we've now had 7 inches ( 17.78 cm.) this month which is excessive. 


I love your arrangements.
I had toad lilies once but they perished - yours are beautiful.

Lisa at Greenbow

I like your vases. Toad lilies are one of my faves. Mine are burned up. We haven't had an inch of rain yet this month. UGH....Got 7/10ths last night. The garden has hardly reacted. At least it is to cool down now.

Kris P

I'm having a hard time deciding whether I'm more envious of the 2 inches of rain or the toad lilies, Linda.


That Anna Thomas recipe is so good. It was one of the first dishes I made from the book, it's still a crowd pleaser after almost 50 years. This is the time of year for it, when there are still real tomatoes available. Pro tip: pour the cream into the skillet used to soften the onions and warm the tomatoes to pick up the flavors before beating it with the eggs

Tricyrtis are fascinating, perfect for up-close inspection.

Give your rain systems a nudge to the east, please.

Linda Brazill

I am always amused to see that in those early days of vegetarian cookbooks, everything was very rich with lots of daily. But that dish is still a winner and I love the idea of putting the cream in the skillet. That's where all the good flavor is. 

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