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Thursday, September 12, 2019


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Lisa at Greenbow

They will look beautiful! That Actea did take a nose dive. Maybe you should have left it for the rabbits. ;)


Nomenclature changes have left me pretty confused. I thought Actaea and Cimicifuga were two names for the same genus, though I couldn't have said which one was current. Are the Asian and North American versions now assigned to different genera?

If rainfall were reliably going to be as lush as this past year, I'd be tempted to try these handsome plants again (my first efforts were 20 years ago). But the shady spots here are mostly not "rich woods" conditions, and reliable rainfall isn't the way to bet.

The dark foliage and stems setting off the handsome peonies: what a great that's going to be!


'great' --> 'treat'

Kris P

Although none of these are plants I can grow, your thoughtful edits make sense to me. I often find editing my garden difficult to face but, currently surrounded by a lot of collateral damage from our remodel, I hope I'll be braver when the heat abates and the dust clears.


Lovely, its fun to see these things that don't grow here, and I would love to see some rain in MY garden (our last rain was the beginning of the month, and the days in the 90s are taking a big toll on both plants and my enthusiasm!).


Linda Brazill

I have to admit that I have given up trying to keep up with name changes in the plant world. It took me long enough to learn the names of my plants the first time around! I was just looking at Dan Hinkley's book, The Explorer's Garden, and he lists Actea and Cimicifuga as separate groups but refers to Cimicifuga as the "once and fading genus." That book is 20 years old and it's only gotten more confusing since then.

Linda Brazill

suddenly it's cool here and rainy — just when i was going to have to start watering. 

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