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Friday, September 27, 2019


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Lisa at Greenbow

I am absolutely drooling over your acquisitions. I haven't been tempted to purchase or plant anything yet. It is bone dry here and supposed to be in the 90's for a week with no rain available. Rumor has it that our area will be breaking temperature records. We will see. I wouldn't be surprised. I did break down and purchase a few mums and pumpkins for a bit of decoration.

Linda Brazill

I shouldn't complain about too much rain when I see so many areas of the country with extremely high temps and little rain. I did some work dividing and moving things in an area that is more open and it was wet enough that I hope everything survives. Where I planted on the mounds the tree cover kept that area dry enough to work. We'll know next spring if it survives if I like the look!

Kris P

I wish I had your level of restraint, Linda. I'm joining a friend to visit a couple of our favorite nurseries up Ventura/Santa Barbara way in a week, and then attending my botanic garden's plant sale the following week. I have specific items on my list but I've no doubt I'll deviate. Getting the plants in the ground on a timely basis is also going to be a challenge as I'm trying to stay clear of the areas in the debris zone around the house. In the best of all possible worlds, I'd delay both plant shopping trips another month but the schedule has been set by specific sale announcements I've no control over.


Lack of rain and continued heat have kept me from going on any new plant sprees, so it's fun to hear about yours.

It's going to be a big enough challenge getting planned moves and transplants done when things finally cool down, in time to settle in before freezes. Unless maybe those freeze dates get pushed back in sync with the extended summer, which seems to last longer every year...


Its like you live in another world, confirmed by a situation where gingers become almost invasive! I'll need to remind myself when things go into deep freeze up there - I hope by then our heat and drought are over.


Loree / danger garden

That's a lot of plants! I've never heard of Dryopteris australis but love it's tree fern proportions. I wish I could get Asarum splendens to take hold in my garden. It lives, but doesn't spread.


Love that place. Looks like you found some great acquisitions. I need to transplant some things before it gets too cold! And I have a large order of Alliums that I need to get in the ground, too, although I guess I have a little more time for that.

Linda Brazill

Tell me again where you live. I'm making a little cheat sheet so I can keep track of where my frequent commenters live. That way I will understand your references.

Linda Brazill

I've been planting Dyopteris australis for about three years and the older ones are stunning. Stand straight up at almost 3' tall. We'll see if the Asarum splendens works for me.

Linda Brazill

Our earliest fall freeze date is long past and still the night temps are up in the 40s. Since I still have a few mail order plants I am waiting for, that is a good thing as I usually don't try to plant this late. But one of my fave nurseries is going out of business so I just ordered some things yesterday. Hope I don't regret it. 

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