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Wednesday, October 16, 2019


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Kris P

All plants I love but haven't been especially successful in growing (with the exception of the parsley).

Linda Brazill

Does your parsley overwinter? I've had sage and lemon thyme and lemon balm stay in the garden but no luck with any others. 

Loree / danger garden

I agree about the solid green Hakonechloa, and it's so hard to find (at least in nurseries here). Everyone wants the jazzy versions.


Hello Linda! What a beautiful blog! It is my first time in here but I am sure I will visit it again. I am impressed of how your garden looks, I saw your previous posts and I have to say - good job. I am curious, do you have a herb garden? Because I see that you grow parsley, basil and maybe more herbs? I also have an italian parsley called 'gigante d'italia' which seeds I bought on . Mine is very resistent so it can survive winter, what about yours?

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