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Monday, October 07, 2019


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Barbara H.

Very creative and quite striking - and it looks really good in its setting.

Amelia Grant

Love it, I am familiar with Cimicifuga and grow fennel, not sure I have seen the seedheads before. The combination is striking and wonderful with your other elements.

Kris P

It's a striking arrangement, with components suggesting movement. Well done!


Oh who would have thought that few prunings could be put to such good effect - such an elegant result, Linda!


Makes quite a statement. You've put these materials together so well.

Loree / danger garden

We had a neighbor who's house was between renters (empty) and the front garden was absolutely covered in bronze fennel. I couldn't help but harvest some of it. Fennel is lovely vase fodder!

Lisa at Greenbow

Very nice.

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