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Tuesday, October 01, 2019


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So gorgeous! Mine died, and I guess I need to try again. I love your arrangement.

Linda Brazill

I have had good luck with most of them but have lost a couple of kinds over the years. Turns out those pretty yellow flowers don't last long in a bouquet. The other kinds have so many blooms per stem that I hardly notice when some of the are done flowering. Plus they have smaller flowers so it's not so obvious. 

Kris P

They're all lovely. I continue to regret that they stubbornly refuse to grow in SoCal.


Love that arrangement, especially the echoing yellows of the striped grass and yellow toad lilies. What's the small-flowered component (pale, vaguely peachy)?


Also a most enjoyable tour of your Tricyrtis collection! They appear to thrive on moisture; has this been an especially good year for bloom?


Where do you get these? I have one my sister gave me but no local nursery carries them.

Linda Brazill

That is a plant that grows in the water at the edge of the pond: Penthorum slides (star fruit). 

Linda Brazill

It has been a good year and insanely rainy.

Loree / danger garden

Love the vase, and really love the Tricyrtis hirta 'Lightning Strike'!

Linda Brazill

'Lightning Strike' would never have to bloom and I would still love it. 


Thanks! I went in search of it online, and think there's a typo in the name (P. sedoides). It's native here (even common, according to the Flora of Virginia) but I can't recall seeing any. It's restricted to truly wet spots, so is no doubt relishing your endless rain.

rusty duck

Have you tried taking cuttings? I did for the first time this month and they're the fastest thing to root I've ever seen (mist propagator).

Linda Brazill

Thanks for the tip. I would like more plants of the newest one I just bought, so I will try that.

Linda Brazill

I was lucky enough to get some from gardening friends and an excellent local nursery. But I have bought them online from Plant Delights Nursery (which is in the south so better shipping prices for you) and Klehm's Song Sparrow. 
I've also seen them offered at Digging Dog Nursery in CA (great selection but shipping is expensive) and Avant Gardens in MA. 
Good luck!

Lisa at Greenbow

I have tried several varieties in the garden. I have only one that can take the vagaries of weather here. It grows and blooms. I just love it yet I don't know which one it is. It looks rusty now even though it is blooming.

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