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Friday, October 25, 2019


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I would guess that every gardener understands Mark's comments and your wondering who ordered all of the plants t the end of September. I had similar thoughts when my bulbs arrived, but I'm already thinking about what else I should have ordered! You certainly received beautiful, healthy plants!

Lisa at Greenbow

Not stupid, yet I can see the madness. Perfectly understandable.


Distressing news about Song Sparrow!

What a gorgeous assemblage of plants you've snatched from under the lowering door, though.

Looks like a perfectly brilliant idea to me.

Kris P

As someone who's been known to order plants at the height of summer when planting is akin to imposing a death sentence on the new arrivals, I would be the last person to criticize. Sometimes you just have to buy plants when they're available and figure things out on the back end, especially when a beloved nursery is looking at closure. (Of course, you have to help by contributing to their coffers!) I've got a few plants in holding pots right now waiting for the desiccating Santa Ana winds cut us some slack.


I may borrow that title. I've been buying clearance plants as well, although nothing nearly as special as what's been in your boxes, and I also haven't even put the first one in the ground yet... they're just lining up along the driveway along with all the tropicals which need to come inside.
Come to think of it I am a little overly optimistic about what will still get in the ground this year. Of course there are new bulbs as well.
Your new goodies look so big and healthy! I can't believe they're mailorder.

Linda Brazill

I think the Klehm family sold Song Sparrow and the new folks are having trouble making a go of it. But no real details of what is happening. Though now I heard it will probably still be in biz next year. I hope so as they have always had a great selection of beautifully grown plants. 

Linda Brazill

I managed to get it all in the ground with notes on where I put things. I am going to have to be a very good girl next spring and not touch anything until I can figure out what survived and where it all should go.

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