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Wednesday, November 20, 2019


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Barbara H.

The sculpture is great. So is Mark's photograph. I love that your bag picks up the pattern of the windows. Even the stripes on the pavement follow the pattern.

Linda Brazill

That was no accident; Mark told me exactly where he wanted me to stand.

Kris P

Interesting sculpture. In your black coat, you stand out beautifully again the building and the sculpture.

Barbara H.

Oh yes, I was quite sure Mark planned it out well. Wasn't sure if you took that bag knowing ahead of time what a match it would be.

For some reason in Safari the Comments box is not showing up. It works in Firefox so it's a Safari problem but thought I'd share this discovery. Hopefully Apple will get it fixed soon.

Linda Brazill

It was quite an interesting piece. There is a photo of it lit at night on the MOWA website, something we are unlikely to see since it's almost two hours away. We got there when the museum opened, took a lunch break and came back again. Almost an eight hour day with all the driving; but the show we went to see was worth it.

Linda Brazill

Thanks for the message about the comments. I have not been able to see them at my end and the Typepad suggestions to fix this problem worked in the past but not this time. I can see and reply to comments on my iPad but not on my big computer which is where it is most comfortable to do those things. I have been ignoring this issue since people seem able to leave comments but I should see if I can't find a solution.

Lisa at Greenbow

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.


Oh, that sculpture is really awesome. I thought about going over for that presentation--wish I had. It was nice and warm today, and I got a hike in, so I'm glad about that.

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