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Monday, November 04, 2019


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You offer up some lovely vistas of your garden. Amazing that you have snow so early.

Kris P

What a rapid transformation, Linda. Your garden still looks very pretty but I'm sure the abrupt shift in the weather comes as a shock to the gardener's system. In contrast, we're warmer than usual for late October/early November. I'm hoping that's a fluke but I fear it's part of a shift in the climate here. I read a prediction that, in 50 years time, LA's climate will be like that of Cabo San Lucas.


We have quite a few trees, too, that never had a foliage color change, and dropped their green leaves. Weird. I don't remember that happening to such an extent before. Today I was a busy bee--raking and planting bulbs and other stuff before the next snow hits. Brrrr!

Lisa at Greenbow

Goodness, winter didn't give fall a chance up your way. Seeing your frozen pond makes me feel cold. When water freezes my brain says it is too cold. Good luck on getting a time when you can get out to do your chores. We just took down our screen house yesterday. That always makes me feel cold too because I know the winter weather is right behind this chore.


We had just pulled our dock in the
weekend before. Read that the NPR's climatologist says the Midwest will
get 40% more snow Dec-Feb. Sigh.

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