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Monday, December 16, 2019


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Jane Miller

The plate wreath is truly inspired, such a great idea!

Linda Brazill

Initially I felt bad when my nephew stopped selling wreaths with the Boy Scouts but now I like this setup better.

Kris P

You do great things with foliage, Linda. I love the embellished platter - very splashy!

Loree / danger garden

Perfect examples of season foliage to perk up our surroundings.

Lisa at Greenbow

Love all of your greenery. Makes me think I could do some more greens here and there. I really like those antique flower pictures too.

Linda Brazill

We have a dying Arborvita hedge which makes it easy to decide to cut sprays for indoors.

Those antique flower images are things I bought years ago. They were very inexpensive; the framing is always the big expense.


Beautiful arrangements that complement your decor, Linda. Nicely done.

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