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Tuesday, December 10, 2019


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Kris P

I need to read "Strangers in Their Own Land"! I've tried to understand the thinking of the handful of friends supporting the current administration bit I'm finding that increasingly difficult.

Lisa at Greenbow

Several here I will look up this winter. Thanks.

Linda Brazill

I felt more confused and depressed because it was clear people were making emotional decisions rather than factual or logical. They felt they were in line and moving forward on all fronts and then suddenly a woman got to go in front of them or a minority person or an immigrant. They did not think about all those still farther in line behind them nor did they feel that women, minorities etc. finally deserved a turn at moving up in the job/economy/political rights line.

Still hard to believe so many people continue to vote against their own interests and feel others are to blame rather than see corporations/tax policy etc. as the cause of so many of our problems.

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