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Wednesday, December 18, 2019


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It's beautiful! We have clear icicles and gold icicles, and now I feel like buying more clear ones with different shapes! I will resist though, and just admire yours.

Linda Brazill

I went to our local antiques mall and discovered a booth with a big tray of all kinds of interesting glass icicles and only $3.00 for a pair of them. I bought a pair of every style he had. Then I called my sis-in-law and told her about them. She bought the rest! He way undercharged for such pretty treasures.

Kris P

Gorgeous! I've thought about downsizing my Christmas tree off and on but haven't quite managed to do that, even though it would probably make my husband ecstatic.

Lisa at Greenbow

I love your tree and all the treasures there on. Beautiful, simply beautiful. I too like icicles of all shapes. I have a similar peacock ornament. I have oodles of bird ornaments. I keep seeing more that I want. Many years I fill a garland full of the birds. It wasn't in me this year.

Loree / danger garden


Barbara H.

I changed to an artificial tree when I moved here in 2007. I found a beautiful tree for not too much money and it has served me well. It's big, though, and storing it in a wheeled tree bag takes up precious room - not a lot of indoor storage in this house. Every year I say "This is the last year" and every year I put it away. Good for you for actually doing it. Love all your trees.

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