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Sunday, December 22, 2019


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Kris P

It must be a relief to see green after a cold snap like that. We're awaiting rain here. It was originally expected early today but, as of 7pm, we've seen not a drop; however, the current forecast says there's 100% chance of rain - significant rain at that! - overnight.

Lisa at Greenbow

Your greenery is quite pretty especially this time of year. The epimediums here are like little brown papers. We don't get the sheltering snows you get. That Helleborus with those thin leaves is quite pretty. All of my hellebores have wide leaves. I am so glad to have that green in the garden. The grass in the paths out back are green here. We are also having a warm spell. It will be 60 on Christmas Day. Weird, yet not so weird anymore. Weird is the new normal in weather.


It is amazing how many plants stay green through the winter or as you say, bounce back fast. My Epimediums in some spots in the garden are green, while in others the rabbits have eaten off the top leaves--so they're just little tangles of sticks. Oh well... So, enjoy our mild weather while it lasts. Happy Holidays!

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