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Wednesday, January 22, 2020


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Loree / danger garden

How beautiful! And a nice little bit of summer too.

Kris P

Absolutely gorgeous. Oh, to have a garden with streams running through it!


I love that you save your garden visit posts until the middle of winter when we're all craving them so much. Another great garden. You have such a keen eye in other gardens and I always appreciate your opinion on them (and mine).


Oh, there's lots of inspiration here. The loosestrife is beautiful, but I am afraid to plant it again after having it run wild.

Beth @ PlantPostings

That is an amazing garden! I loved the Redbud--the prettiest one I've ever seen, especially the placement with other plants, as you mention. I'm sad that they won't be part of the Fling tours. :(

Lisa at Greenbow

What an enchanting garden. All that moss and ferns looking so healthy. It makes me realize I need water in my garden. I get a bad case of the wants this time of year. ha...


I love the subtle echo of the pink Astilbe at the base of the weeping 'Forest Pansy' redbud. All the flowers, but especially the sweeps of Monarda, are a welcome dose of summer in what already feels like the longest January in memory.I

Thanks for the visit!


What are the blue flowers in the mossy rocks image? Are they growing in the columnar container of in the ground? Their color really vibrates with the sun-dappled moss and the gold sedge-like foliage. Great shot.

rusty duck

That last photo is wonderful.
I discovered to my cost how eagerly the gooseneck loosestrife spreads. Concrete sounds about right!

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