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Thursday, January 02, 2020


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Barbara H.

I guess the changing weather will be keeping us all on our toes! Gardens change with time, as do the gardeners, and that happens whether or not the gardener is "in charge". I guess maybe being "in charge" just means rolling with the punches and changing things up so the results are less drastic than they might be. Good luck with your garden planning. That's something I need to start thinking about, too.

Lisa at Greenbow

Sounds like you had a pretty good year despite the weather. Here's to a new gardening year.

Loree / danger garden

I guess it's time for me to share that I don't think I'll be doing the Fling this year. Of course that means I won't be in your garden in June, a fact that makes me very sad indeed.

Kris P

Your garden is a treasure, Linda! The effort you and Mark put into it really shows. Happy new year!

Linda Brazill

The good thing is that there is always another year in the garden!

Linda Brazill

I think I knew that; either you mentioned it before or I just figured with your book and other things it might not happen. Andrew needs to have some kind of work related conference here and you can come along!

Linda Brazill

Thanks for those kind words. I think it may be hard trying to figure out how to have the garden I want as the garden and I both age. It's been a lovely garden and I don't want to lose that, but I am going to have to go for more shrubs and fewer perennials.

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