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Tuesday, February 18, 2020


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Barbara H.

I like being able to experience winter through your always wonderful photographs. It's much warmer this way. Hope the snow blankets help keep the plants warm and happier than in your previous winter.

Lisa at Greenbow

That poor tree is weighted down. I hope your garden doesn't have any damage this year. Here it is 50F this morning with the temps to fall all day until the cold settles back in. This winter can't make up its mind this year. All the spring plants that are up are going to suffer I am afraid. It is odd but the native plants aren't being fooled as yet. They are still tucked in the ground.

Loree / danger garden different from the scene out my window. Hope you're right and the snow protects what's beneath.

Kris P

I hope your trees make it through unscathed!


Fingers crossed for no losses!! And hope you stay warm.


I'd have preferred this weather in January rather than seeing it finally arrive just as the days are getting longer and the sun is feeling stronger! It looks like Feb-March will be another one of those drawn-out, endlessly cold and snowy almost-springs.
We will see, stay warm!

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