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Thursday, February 27, 2020


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Kris P

Hostas are another group of plants I admire but they don't belong here (although you do occasionally see one bland specimen for sale here briefly each spring). The mix of colors and shapes looks great in your photos but I can appreciate how differences in their growing cycle can complicate maintenance.


Difficult choices! These were easy to grow at my old garden but here the deer make it impossible to keep them.

Lisa at Greenbow

Grit? What kind of grit do you use?
I don't have as many hostas as I used to have. Mainly because our droughts that we go through anymore make them not like to grow here. I don't do a lot or maybe I should say enough supplemental watering to keep hostas looking good during the dry spells. They have sort of weeded themselves out. I do like the flowers on them so that isn't a problem for me.
My subtle or maybe not so subtle change in the garden is more natives.

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